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Bullet Points: 1、You can sit in a comfortable seat and adjust your position according to your height. 2、The product is simple to install, strong and durable, safe and reliable, very comfortable 3、Dimensions: The minimum height of the frame is 40cm, the maximum height is 56cm (can be raised and lowered, freely adjustable); the seat size is 27.5*17.5cm; the bottom seat installation width is: 14.5cm 4、Quick folding, no space 5、Black and white are more compatible with your car (mainly for M365) Product: Seat Color: black, white Material: steel leather Storage method: foldable Weight: 3600g Frame size: minimum height 40cm, maximum height 56cm (can be raised and lowered, freely adjustable) Seat size: 27.5*17.5cm The bottom seat installation width is: 14.5cm (mainly for M365) Packing size: 55*23*13cm Packing list: 1* seat

Our L85 Scooter

Brand Model
Folding Electric Scooter with APP
Lithium Battery
36V 10.4Ah
8.5inch Honeycomb Tire
Max Speed
Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy
Front electrical brake/ Rear disc Brake
Number of Speed
3-Speed 15-25-32
Shock Absorption
Soft rubber Tire shock absorption
APP Function
View Current Speed, remaining power, and other real-time

Riding statistics, speed, total trip and this trip range, turn on/off

Light, automatic power off, battery tracker and trip tracking

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